Lab Services

Lab tests are essential for physicians to diagnose a range of conditions and prepare patients for medical treatments. Plattsburgh Advanced Imaging has partnered with LabCorp & BioReference to provide efficient and convenient lab services.

Reasons for Lab Tests at PAI

Physicians use lab tests in these cases:

  • Disease or organ dysfunction — clinical chemistry tests provide vital information about your heart, kidneys, and liver. These tests measure electrolytes, hormone levels, and enzymes. Our doctors can also administer a blood test for heart attack.
  • Drug toxicity or overdose — drug tests show the amount of a drug in the blood, such as alcohol, pain relievers, anti-seizure drugs, digoxin (atrial fibrillation drug), psychiatric medicines, and theophylline (for respiratory diseases).
  • Blood problems — hematology tests look at the amount of blood and plasma components. Examples include a complete blood count (CBC) and blood clotting tests.
  • Infection — microbiology tests detect bacteria, fungi, or parasites in the blood. These and other lab tests also help our doctors determine which drugs will work to fight the infection.
  • Urinalysis — used to detect a wide variety of disorders.  Such as urinary tract infection, kidney disease, liver disease and diabetes.

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Lab Tests offered at:

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